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The Society of SSBV offers five grades of membership.

Full Member


To become a Member

This paper sets down areas which should be considered as desirable in a candidate for Fellowship of the Society. It examines the knowledge, skills, experience, and professional characteristics which are considered desirable in a member.


The candidate should be able to demonstrate a current working knowledge of the following:-
• principles of valuation and general economic awareness;
• the open market and Stock Markets;
• company and partnership law in the United Kingdom;
• appropriate valuation statute and case law and practice;
• knowledge of relevant financial reporting standards, and • sources of economic, commercial, legal and fiscal information.

The candidate should also be able to satisfy the Council that he or she has an up to date knowledge of relevant valuation and related issues gained either from research (publications) or by attendance at relevant courses or meetings.


The candidate should be able to demonstrate that he or she can:-

• carry out financial analyses of companies and businesses from their financial statements, budgets and management accounts;
• interpret accounts and financial statements;
• interpret documents, e.g. Articles of Association and commercial agreements;
• analyse companies and businesses, focusing on their internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats;
• carry out appropriate researches and apply findings;
• carry out comparability exercises;
• exercise sound judgement in differentiating between the various approaches to valuation and their outcomes;
• prepare competent valuation reports, both in short and long (speaking) form; and • negotiate the agreement of valuations.


The candidate should be able to offer at least three years practical experience as a share and business valuer. This should be at least at a grade of Assistant Manager in an accounting firm, or professional equivalent This should cover a range of both commercial (including “fair”) and fiscal valuations of small, medium, and large companies and businesses, together with various sized interests therein. The experience offered should include companies and businesses from a wide range of sectors, involving valuations on several different bases. It is expected that share and business valuation will comprise at least 50% of the candidate’s work


It is not enough that a valuer should be able to exhibit knowledge, skills and expertise commensurate with membership of a body of experts. It is accepted that it is not a prerequisite of admission that a prospective member should presently be a member of any other professional body. Nevertheless, it is considered that a candidate should be able to demonstrate the generally accepted characteristics of professional conduct and ethics. These should include honesty and integrity.


On being satisfied in all elements of the foregoing, the final question which the Council needs to address is whether the candidate instils in them sufficient confidence that he or she could be recommended unreservedly to a prospective client. In considering this, the Council reserves the right to invite the candidate to an interview.



To become a Fellow

you will be required to demonstrate that you are a share and business valuation practitioner with at least 5 years' experience acting in the capacity of a principal. It is expected that 50% or more of your working time will be spent on valuation, or the management and supervision of a team of valuation practitioners. You must be able to demonstrate a working [read more] knowledge of relevant accounting standards, statute and case law governing valuation matters for financial reporting, commercial and taxation purposes. You should understand, and be able to apply a variety of valuation methods, justifying their uses and the circumstances in which they are usually appropriate. It is likely that you will be a qualified accountant, lawyer, banker, or financial adviser, or otherwise be engaged in business valuation in a professional capacity. Download the Fellowship and Membership Criteria in PDF format to see the full requirements for Fellowship [/read]

Associate Member


To become an Associate Member

This paper sets out the factors which may be considered relevant for a candidate applying for Associate Membership of the Society.

It would be helpful if the Applicant could demonstrate:-

• engagement in an occupation or employment which share and business valuations forms a part;

• the extent of his/her personal involvement in, and responsibility for, share and business valuations.

The fact that share and business valuations is not a major part of the applicant’s work is not a bar to associate membership.

It would be helpful if an academic candidate could demonstrate:-

• The relevance of share and business valuations to his/her academic specialisation.


There is no experience requirement for associate membership.

Student Membership


To become a Student Member

Student Membership also exists for students in full time study or relevant employment. Download the Student Membership Criteria and Application Form in PDF format.

What we do?


valuations for commercial transactions, including valuations under a company's articles of association, a shareholders' or joint venture agreement


valuations for dispute resolution purposes, including litigation, arbitration or mediation either as expert or adviser.


valuations as expert to determine a dispute where the parties agree to be bound by the decision of the expert


valuations for financial reporting purposes including the valuation of intangibles under IFRS 3 and the valuation of share-based payments under IFRS 2


valuations for the purposes of assessing a financial settlement in matrimonial proceedings


valuations for taxation purposes, including negotiation with Tax Authorities in the UK and overseas.


An esteemed society of highly qualified individuals

and organisations in the share and business valuations field.