Who We Are

We Provide A Unique
Forum For Specialist Valuers

The Society of Share and Business Valuers (SSBV) was formed in 1996 to provide a unique forum for specialist valuers in the United Kingdom. The SSBV provides members with a learning and business network.

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About SSBV

The SSBV is committed to fostering excellence in valuation practice by:

Providing a forum for valuation specialists in the United Kingdom

Advancing the knowledge of its members

Promoting the highest standard of ethics in valuation practice.

Members of the SSBV are all valuation specialists who may focus on one or a number of areas as highlighted below.

Commercial Transactions

Valuations for commercial transactions, including valuations under a company’s articles of association, a shareholders’ or joint venture agreement.

Dispute Resolution

Valuations for dispute resolution purposes, including litigation, arbitration or mediation either as expert or adviser.

Determine A Dispute

Valuations as expert to determine a dispute where the parties agree to be bound by the decision of the expert.

Financial Reporting

Valuations for financial reporting purposes including the valuation of intangibles under IFRS 3 and the valuation of share-based payments under IFRS 2.

Financial Settlement

Valuations for the purposes of assessing a financial settlement in matrimonial proceedings. 


Valuations for taxation purposes, including negotiation with Tax Authorities in the UK and overseas.