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Membership Criteria and Application Forms

Full member

Download Membership Criteria as a PDF.

Download Application Form as a PDF.

Associate member

Download Associate Membership Criteria as a PDF.

Download Associate Application Form as a PDF.

Student member

Download Student Membership Criteria as a PDF.

Download Student Application Form as a PDF.


The SSBV offers three grades of membership.

To become a full Member you will be required to demonstrate that you are a share and business valuation practitioner with at least three years', and preferably five years' practical experience taking effective responsibility for the conduct of your valuations and their outcomes. It is expected that at least 50% of your working time will be spent on share and business valuation, or the management and supervision of a team of share and business valuation practitioners.

You must be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of statute and case law governing valuation matters both for commercial and taxation purposes. You should understand and be able to apply a variety of valuation methods, justifying their uses and the circumstances in which they are usually appropriate.

It is likely that you will be a qualified accountant, lawyer, banker, or financial adviser, or otherwise be engaged in business valuation in a professional capacity. Download the Membership Criteria in PDF format to see the full requirements for Membership.

To become an Associate Member you will not need to satisfy the strict criteria required to become a full Member but you will be asked to demonstrate that you have a lively interest in the subject, either professionally or through being engaged in professional or academic studies beyond graduate level, and understand the principles of share valuation. Download the Associate Membership Criteria and Application Form in PDF format.

There is an expectation that, as an Associate Member, you will progress to full Membership as your knowledge, skills and experience in share and business valuation develop through practical application.

Student Membership also exists for students in full time study or relevant employment. Download the Student Membership Criteria and Application Form in PDF format.

Applying for Membership

If you would like to apply for Membership of the SSBV, print the Application Form, complete it in full and send it, together with the other relevant information requested to:

The Membership Secretary
The Society of Share and Business Valuers
111 Clareville Road


Your application will be acknowledged and referred to a Membership Panel. You should expect to be called for interview at which you will be invited to discuss your application and demonstrate to the Panel how you satisfy the criteria for Membership or Associate Membership. The Panel will then make its recommendation to the next meeting of the Council. You will receive a decision on your application shortly thereafter.

If you have any questions about membership of the SSBV, please address them in writing to The Membership Secretary, remembering to include your postal address, daytime telephone number or e-mail address.

Practitioners from all jurisdictions are welcome to apply for membership.

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